Whether women give birth with pain

If the husband and wife go beyond labor, the woman will defy the uterine contractions. Men, except for special reasons, pair with your wife to feel the sacred moment when your child is born.

Once, my wife and I went to the countryside to play. Seeing that my wife was pregnant, feeling worried about the approaching childbirth, the aunt said, "Keep worrying, women will have pain, in the old days each time she gave birth, she would hold on to some rags. went out into the garden and cut some banana leaves, lined them, laid them down before hugging their children into the house. When I heard her say that, I remembered the old saying: "Men go to the beach sometimes. Women run out of orphans alone". That time was far away, nowadays it was different, the women who passed away would not be orphaned alone but would be paired with their husbands. No husband will ever leave his wife alone, except for special reasons. Every man feels disadvantaged if not paired with his wife to give birth. I think so.

Right on the due date, my wife and I took each other to the hospital for an appointment with the doctor. The chief obstetrician said: "Labor already, hospitalization always". However, the wife did not complain of pain or tiredness, so we kept going home slowly, took a shower, then went out to eat and drink, then collected our things to go to the hospital. The maternity hall was bustling, there were few seats on the sides of the seats where pregnant women went to give birth. In the middle of the corridor, some couples hand in hand, walking around. The pregnant women grimaced, complaining of pain; family members worried impatiently, waiting for labor to go into the delivery room or waiting for the entrance to the operating room. Moments later, people kept asking each other, this side asked the other side, the other asked the other side "open some inches" ...

When my wife and I arrived, the whole corridor of the hospital looked bewildered, later I realized that they looked and laughed at us because we saw how many arms we had in our armpits, like nomadic migrants. Although I know what I need to do when preparing to give birth to my wife, but when I am pregnant, every time I go to the supermarket, I shop and I see everything I need, I think I have more than that, I have more than enough. . The doctor called in to examine again and said: "Open 4 inches already, close to giving birth", yet the wife did not complain of pain, her face was still cheerful, and then the couple took each other out to the hospital gate for dinner. When he came in, the doctor said: "Why is it already close to giving birth but still going so far, not afraid to give birth?". After that, my wife said that I wanted to go to the toilet, I took her several times and then went to bed, the couple was still small, I still told a funny story to her. After a while, the doctor came in and said, "Go to the delivery room, open 8 inches already". The wife has been in the delivery room for about 15 minutes, the doctor opened the door and said: "Daughter 3.5 kg. She has been working for 10 years but she has not seen anyone who has given birth without pain like my sister. very hardy ". When going back, some mothers are giving birth in turn to bed wife lay lucky to give birth.

There has been a scientific research claim confirming that the level of labor is the same as having 20 broken ribs at the same time. Therefore, after my wife was born, I asked many times: "Are you hurt like everyone but afraid you are worried, so try to say no pain." His wife said, "Actually, it is not as painful as I thought it would be. I just feel a little numb." From here, I think that the wife probably has less labor than other mothers because the couple has planned and rehearsed before the actions to fit together at the time when the wife started labor. Most importantly, the husband must remain calm to know, understand in that moment he needs to do what is most appropriate. Absolutely do not be restless, anxious, hangover, wandering around like puppets leading to his wife also worried.

When the wife is about to give birth, please help gently, comfort, encourage, smile. Be strong to take your wife to the toilet, because during labor, the fetus will squeeze into the bladder, making the woman feel like urinating more than ever. Do not be ashamed to let your wife go to the toilet alone, because in the meantime, standing, sitting, pulling clothes, pants need the help of others, especially from the husband.