Scared his husband but still give him the opportunity to correct

For over a year, I have seen him feel a bit chilly, his family life is boring, he constantly goes on business and sometimes stays overnight.

Relationship between husband and wife also exists but not often, we rarely talk privately together. Those signs made me have doubts about his feelings even though the children, his housework were also concerned and worried. I silently monitored his schedule and checked his phone. As expected, from the beginning of the year until now, he often went to the island to do soil, met a woman on the island, they often met and dated at a hotel on the island, sometimes this woman also came to the mainland. meet you. In addition, I also found him playing with a group of friends, often drinking and singing karaoke hug together, they took pictures and sent to group chat. Even a few of the group went to the motel with the prostitutes and took photos to send to the group. I was really scared.

About us: You and I got married 9 years, he is 37 years old and I am 36, has two sons and daughters. We all have stable jobs and income to care for life together. Currently, the family lives in a private house owned by his parents, and his grandparents also promise to give him this house. I also have a number of properties, which are land given by my biological parents. Family life looking at everyone sees us so happy and full.

When I learned of my husband's betrayal, I asked for a divorce, my husband begged me and begged me to give him a chance to fix it. The two families met and counseled and testified to his apology. Because of family pressure, when I thought about my children again, I agreed to give him 6 months to correct my mistakes. Recently, I found him drinking and hugging karaoke. I was very angry, said he violated the promise, he apologized and promised never to relapse. I was very confused, did not know what to do. Loving the two young children, I could not help but make them suffer. As for my husband, I was terrified of him, my feelings could no longer be the same as before. Hope readers can give me wise advice, thank you very much.