Married at age 18 and series of days to repay the debt to the husband's family

Because I was pregnant, I had to get married early. My husband went to work for 5 million months, had to give all his parents, my salary was less, to take care of my children, food, living expenses, and everything to worry about.

The husband's family talking money all the time makes me tired. Sometimes I have to borrow money from outside to give to my husband's family. My mother-in-law was in debt, telling her to help pay the debt. After returning to my husband's house for so many years, I have to pay back the debt. I want to have a normal life, many times want to divorce but think back to two children, the baby was 3 months old.

I am sad, crying tears because my husband does not understand, there is no voice in the family, what parents say he is afraid of that. That affected my psychology and life. I am tired, would like to ask your advice, thank you very much.