Many victims trapped my ex-girlfriend

I was the author of the article: "After 3 weeks of being angry with me, my girlfriend changed the groom". Thank you for sharing, especially pointing out to me that I am a backup character, no more abused.

In fact, she is the type of beauty but not in the style of a playboy but always wears a feminine appearance, always knows how to please the opposite person, regardless of who she wants to be able to please anyone who can do anything. France to achieve the goal. Today's pragmatic love I understand, but she's too old to act and draw the prospect that I'm the only person she loves. All the other men are just polite people, so they talk, communicate, meet, receive respectful gifts and love them. She even got jealous in the process of falling in love with me, and some girlfriends commented that I started searching, so much so that I had to delete the old profile page to create a new website that she liked. I reject every opportunity of girls who like me because of my sincere, serious, nurturing love for the future with her.

3 weeks after being mad, she was getting married. All information about this husband is also extremely mysterious, he is also an unlisted love character, so much so that the wedding photo does not tag the husband's name on his personal page. Friends at the company know she has a lover but never know who her lover is. The anger is really very proper process, through knowing I learned right in the evening we were angry, that afternoon the future husband announced his dating photo with her. A scheming arrangement of her, because that night she constantly nagged me and made a challenge, pushed up the climax and got angry.

Actually, I am very fair. When you are out of love, incompatibility, sexual incompatibility or a problem that you cannot love and continue, you must speak out properly, or break up. A civilized breakup because at least there were moments together, eating, eating, sleeping, playing.

It is not so with her; face up, cheat and all kinds of tricks, deliberately make excuses and conclude that 3 weeks of anger at each other is because I do not love. Without loving, I'm worried about everything for the future? To the extent that she complained of facial acne there are several pimples I also went to buy skincare and Japanese pills. She told me that it was difficult to sleep, so I immediately ran to buy supplements for drinking, gave vaccinations because I was worried about pregnancy later. I also took her home to debut, introduce to friends. However, when mentioning about the house she introduced, the girlfriend seemed to be forced and then excused the reason to refuse, so that she took advantage of the opportunity to go across the house to return to her home. Really sincere love, the study, launch the family on both sides is wrong why she forced so?

Even if she acted defiant and frankly said that if she didn't love, it would be okay to marry someone else. The groom seemed to be deliberately inexperienced, when I texted her most protected her, seemingly told that I was an ex-boyfriend, now she's married so I'm bitter. Or even when I was dating me, she ate and slept with the groom, to find that 3 weeks of marriage was not so fast.

Through research, I also know that there is one more brother in Sing who is also dating, giving gifts, promising types. Another classmate also pursues, is connected by her and instills hope for future love. Do not know any more victims? We are just victims in an open-minded love game, under the guise of a tricky, arranged and deceptive director. Perhaps they were sad but not as painful as me, not as choked as I was, when I had used all my heart to love her, then she was deceived and used. There you say love is choice, pragmatic; I understand, but it's not the type to take advantage of them, choose to lie. Do not accept gifts, don't go out, eat or sleep and take advantage of them, do not sow them pink hope for the wedding.