Many times, my mother-in-law is grinding because of money

I am 28 years old, contract teacher, married for 3 years. We have a 2-year-old child, husband and wife and children living with their parents-in-law.

Just married, the husband's family told us to pay the bank debt of 15 million, which is the loan for my husband to study, this my wife and I happily accepted. After paying the couple, I am able to accumulate a small amount of capital. Today my mother-in-law asks how much is left, and then she says how much money I keep, how will my husband know.

She was in the middle of a neighbor's house, and whatever the daughter-in-law did, she paid for it, while I didn't. She bought cabinets, my wife and I were silent. Now she told me that there was nothing missing in the house, my husband and I bought it, while there was nothing in the house. In 3 years together, she tried to grind my husband and I for money. While eating and drinking, my family purchases things. Because of living together, I suffered, sometimes feeling very sad, not wanting to live together any more. My husband is the only son, I don't want him to be awkward either. Everyone gives me advice, living in this way is stressful for me.