Many nights I cried non-stop because life was stuck

I am 30 years old, my daughter is almost 4 years old. Recently I naturally feel bored with everything. 3 years ago I treated depression because of shock when my husband committed adultery, but I am so obsessed.

In the past year, my life has stabilized but I still can not escape the feeling of worrying about everything. I live but always try to carry everything, next to no one to share, my parents are dead. For many nights I slept next to my daughter, whom I cried non-stop, and also tried to pass to take care of her.

Now I have a stable job, a living wage, and in the long term I cannot escape poverty and have no future for my children. I am self-accumulating some money, thinking that I will leave it to my child if he ever happens to have a problem. Sometimes I feel life is stuck and miserable. Recently I no longer earnestly interested in work and life, just want to go far away, even want to send my children back to my father (he has another wife) and he is not content. Could you please give me advice during this time of crisis?