Love girlfriend but still fall in love with her husband

I am 29 years old, have a stable job, have a girlfriend and are determined to get married. My life is quite safe, rarely adventurous. My girlfriend is 4 years younger than me, young and pretty.

She is also good, only the way of life is angry, quite aggressive, not sympathetic. I have a soft temper and often give up, sometimes she doesn't know it. Previously I still thought that I would try to adapt, if there is any conflict, then I am a man, so I just gave up for a bit.

Everything has turned upside down since meeting you. She is 5 years older than me. At first I didn't notice because she was older than me and married, and because of the more exposed work, I got closer. I really love you, successful husband. She is delicate, understanding story, also quite young for her age. Looking at the way she lived, the way she treated her, the way she took care of the children ... became more and more loved by me. She is the type of woman I always liked and just wanted to have a wife like that. My sister and I confided in many things, very well and understood each other. She often told about her husband, never saying any words of criticism or confiding in any secret story but behind that I felt she was sad and lonely. I see you lack of husband care.

Gradually, I missed her and cared more for her since she was bad. She always kept her distance but I also felt that she had feelings for her, just couldn't say it. Sometimes attached to each other but tried to avoid. I'm not brave enough to tamper with the lives of both. Although she probably didn't choose me, I couldn't give her a life as good as she is. I still love my girlfriend but thinking of her, I feel like I'm in love with two people at the same time. I know it is wrong but I cannot stop this feeling. I want to share any kind of stoning. If anyone has similar experience please give me advice. What should I do with my girlfriend, should I tell her once or try to refrain from forgetting this?