I will divorce if my husband takes my parents to live with me

My wife and I have been married for a year, living separately in Saigon, my income and your income are quite good, I earn 30 million / month and my husband is equivalent.

We live together happily and relatively in harmony. I always wanted to have a private life without living with my parents-in-law even though the grandparents were very gentle and easygoing. Now we live in rented houses, planning to buy our own house over the years. I am worried that when my parents own house, my parents will ask me to live with them even though they have their own house in Danang. I am really afraid of this, so afraid of obsession and stress. I have asked my husband what if my parents asked to stay with us. You said let your parents live together.

I stated my opinion that I do not want to live with my grandparents because I want to have a private life "far from rotten". The husband did not understand, said I was selfish, not good. I was so discouraged that I no longer wanted to buy a home, I just wanted to stay in the inn all the time so I wouldn't have to stay with my parents-in-law. I'd rather get a divorce, but I definitely won't live with my husband's parents. I realized that I was not my daughter-in-law, but I still reminded my husband to buy gifts for grandparents and grandparents. When my grandparents went to Saigon to see a doctor, I still went to see him. Money for my grandparents never regrets or complains because they know what their duty to do with their children. I just don't want to live with my grandparents. I'm sad because my husband doesn't understand but says his wife is selfish. If you choose to take your parents back later, I will definitely divorce, not stay together.