I chose the wrong husband

I am 35 years old, have a 3 year old baby and am pregnant with the second baby. After 5 years of marriage, I have been in misery for 4 years because of my husband's gambling problems.

My job is stable, my average income is good, my husband has a high but unstable income, he skips work once or twice a year. I suspected and discovered my husband bet football immediately after marriage. He often stays up late, sleeps separately in the living room, has his phone set with a password and is always on his side even when using the toilet. Due to being pregnant right after marriage, I had to "take a deep bite" to accept him so that my son could be born with a father. Because of ignoring and saving face for him, when the baby was born, while in the month of my stay, I had to sell all the wedding gold, take care of the extra money to give him to repay the debt.

The idea that he "turned his head to shore" but his disability, besides debt and betting he was a patriarch, lazy, rarely doing housework. There were nights when my children were sick, I carried them while I was awake to work in order to keep up with the schedule, and he still slept in bed. Only a simple task is that I ask him to take his children to school in the morning that he refused, while his working time is flexible, normally 8am to do and the workplace is less than 3 km from home, I go to work more than 7 km away from home, or traffic jams early. Everything in my house, from my mortgage, my children's school fees, living expenses, domestic and foreign affairs, is a concern. He has contributed but unevenly, months with months or not, not caring enough how.

Her husband's family is far away, there is no surplus, so she does not have any material support or babysitting. Everything I had to hold back, but just now I discovered my husband was in debt due to usury to pay a bet of 500 million. I was crazy and fell into a state of depression. What do I have to do through this period?