Husband hid a friend about me

Husband hid a friend about me
I read a message from my husband to a roommate to let me know I wasn't there anymore. He did not tell his friend that he was married and moved in with me, again taking the excuse of going on business trips far away, moving to another place for convenience.

This roommate went to college with my husband, playing with my husband's ex-boyfriend. My husband and my ex love each other for 5 years with lots of memories, after which she left him to get to know new people. Reading those messages, I felt very sad and thought, maybe my husband doesn't want his roommate to know about marriage, because if he knows he might tell his ex-boyfriend . I was very sad and bewildered, thinking that my husband still loves his ex.

A little introduction: I am 27 years old, my husband is 28 years old, worked in the same company, used to be 2 years old and had only been married for 3 months, now I am 5 months pregnant. After thinking about it, I texted my husband why I hid my friends and didn't tell them I was married. My husband raged, thinking that it was his problem, not related to me, he wanted to tell anyone. He also scolded me for violating my privacy, digging up the old things, and told me to think whatever I thought, say what I say, do whatever I do. Normally, my husband cares for me and takes care of me, until I quarreled into a completely different person. I was so painful to hear such words from my husband, he ignored me, didn't ask for care as usual, despite my tired and aching pregnancy he didn't even care. I want to talk to solve, only get his harsh and beautiful.

I took the initiative to make up and apologized, but my husband still ignored it and did not want to talk. The mood was so disturbing that I couldn't concentrate on my work. Is it wrong for me to act like this, does my husband still love me? Give me advice, I can't stand it like this. Sincere thanks.