Fear of encountering an alcoholic husband like father

I am 29 years old, living and working about 200 km from my family. 29 years in the world, then half of those years I have to hear about his father yelling at Mom.

My father has been an alcoholic for decades. The father in my previous memories was very gentle, very gentle, I don't know why since the day he drank alcohol like he became a different person, even I was scared. Dad often swears at mom, puts jealous things even though she doesn't make any mistakes. Every time Dad cursed, he just said one sentence lightly, he would swear more and swear. I love her many times, she left but after a while, maybe because of gratitude.

Dad has kidney stones, goes to hospital often, and mom is caretaker. During this time, Dad often drank and cursed his mother. Mother was prepared to stay with her brother, let her father be with her. I didn't object, it was really boring. I don't hate him, love him so much, but I don't know what to do. I advised and talked to my father a lot, when he did not drink, he was very gentle, when having alcohol, he seemed to be controlled by men. Dad is not determined to give it is not much advice. Seeing my father like that, I didn't believe in marriage anymore, wanted to live alone, didn't want to get married. I was afraid of meeting someone like my dad, an alcoholic, gambler. My dad didn't have that, later changed my personality and became such a bad person. Looking forward to sharing.