Afraid that something bad will happen to the man who is getting married

Dear you! Her mood was confused, afraid of being unable to hold back, afraid to do something wrong with her very loving husband and one-heartedness to her, who went through the time of welding.

She is sure that she has an iron heart and hard feelings for the opposite sex because her husband concept is everything. She will never accept cheating while she is in a marriage, including heat stroke or change of mind. Only I am a very different boy, warm heart, lifestyle and standard, smart manners. I always create trust, maybe with me, that's right. I thank you for what you care about, ask, help, protect me, everything you give me a little more than everyone.

As time went by, every day I found you or looked to find you, at that time I had to avoid you. I contradict when not seeing you is unable to concentrate on work. When we try to be normal by looking at each other directly to talk, we find the two of us even more confused. She realized she often did silly things and tried to be quiet when she was with you, not sure what to do next. I'm no longer my sister, afraid in the long run we will generate worse things, afraid of being discovered by everyone for her. Turning around, I know you look from the back, when I averted your eyes and you still turned my gaze to me.

She was afraid one day would collapse with this heat stroke. Obviously we know each other well, you are getting married, I am married, the obvious fact, if time does not make me more stable, I will choose to run away. That would be a good thing.