When I was 20, I felt bad about myself

Still know that you should not think negatively but why every night my tears fall, suppressing all the criticisms that my heart aches. At the age of 20, I am as old as 25, thinking like a 10-year-old child.

I do work slowly and awkwardly, work as a worker who is reprimanded by the group leader, who is also scolded for going to a restaurant.

I always told myself to try hard, this method didn't work, then changed to another method. Why am I forever a bad person. I don't know why I am slow to understand, crash something, the simple thing I messed up. I could not do the job, people sympathized for me time and time again and again. What should I do?

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Many times, my mother-in-law is grinding because of money

I am 28 years old, contract teacher, married for 3 years. We have a 2-year-old child, husband and wife and children living with their parents-in-law.

Just married, the husband's family told us to pay the bank debt of 15 million, which is the loan for my husband to study, this my wife and I happily accepted. After paying the couple, I am able to accumulate a small amount of capital. Today my mother-in-law asks how much is left, and then she says how much money I keep, how will my husband know.

She was in the middle of a neighbor's house, and whatever the daughter-in-law did, she paid for it, while I didn't. She bought cabinets, my wife and I were silent. Now she told me that there was nothing missing in the house, my husband and I bought it, while there was nothing in the house. In 3 years together, she tried to grind my husband and I for money. While eating and drinking, my family purchases things. Because of living together, I suffered, sometimes feeling very sad, not wanting to live together any more. My husband is the only son, I don't want him to be awkward either. Everyone gives me advice, living in this way is stressful for me.

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Fear of encountering an alcoholic husband like father

I am 29 years old, living and working about 200 km from my family. 29 years in the world, then half of those years I have to hear about his father yelling at Mom.

My father has been an alcoholic for decades. The father in my previous memories was very gentle, very gentle, I don't know why since the day he drank alcohol like he became a different person, even I was scared. Dad often swears at mom, puts jealous things even though she doesn't make any mistakes. Every time Dad cursed, he just said one sentence lightly, he would swear more and swear. I love her many times, she left but after a while, maybe because of gratitude.

Dad has kidney stones, goes to hospital often, and mom is caretaker. During this time, Dad often drank and cursed his mother. Mother was prepared to stay with her brother, let her father be with her. I didn't object, it was really boring. I don't hate him, love him so much, but I don't know what to do. I advised and talked to my father a lot, when he did not drink, he was very gentle, when having alcohol, he seemed to be controlled by men. Dad is not determined to give it is not much advice. Seeing my father like that, I didn't believe in marriage anymore, wanted to live alone, didn't want to get married. I was afraid of meeting someone like my dad, an alcoholic, gambler. My dad didn't have that, later changed my personality and became such a bad person. Looking forward to sharing.

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I chose the wrong husband

I am 35 years old, have a 3 year old baby and am pregnant with the second baby. After 5 years of marriage, I have been in misery for 4 years because of my husband's gambling problems.

My job is stable, my average income is good, my husband has a high but unstable income, he skips work once or twice a year. I suspected and discovered my husband bet football immediately after marriage. He often stays up late, sleeps separately in the living room, has his phone set with a password and is always on his side even when using the toilet. Due to being pregnant right after marriage, I had to "take a deep bite" to accept him so that my son could be born with a father. Because of ignoring and saving face for him, when the baby was born, while in the month of my stay, I had to sell all the wedding gold, take care of the extra money to give him to repay the debt.

The idea that he "turned his head to shore" but his disability, besides debt and betting he was a patriarch, lazy, rarely doing housework. There were nights when my children were sick, I carried them while I was awake to work in order to keep up with the schedule, and he still slept in bed. Only a simple task is that I ask him to take his children to school in the morning that he refused, while his working time is flexible, normally 8am to do and the workplace is less than 3 km from home, I go to work more than 7 km away from home, or traffic jams early. Everything in my house, from my mortgage, my children's school fees, living expenses, domestic and foreign affairs, is a concern. He has contributed but unevenly, months with months or not, not caring enough how.

Her husband's family is far away, there is no surplus, so she does not have any material support or babysitting. Everything I had to hold back, but just now I discovered my husband was in debt due to usury to pay a bet of 500 million. I was crazy and fell into a state of depression. What do I have to do through this period?

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Afraid that something bad will happen to the man who is getting married

Dear you! Her mood was confused, afraid of being unable to hold back, afraid to do something wrong with her very loving husband and one-heartedness to her, who went through the time of welding.

She is sure that she has an iron heart and hard feelings for the opposite sex because her husband concept is everything. She will never accept cheating while she is in a marriage, including heat stroke or change of mind. Only I am a very different boy, warm heart, lifestyle and standard, smart manners. I always create trust, maybe with me, that's right. I thank you for what you care about, ask, help, protect me, everything you give me a little more than everyone.

As time went by, every day I found you or looked to find you, at that time I had to avoid you. I contradict when not seeing you is unable to concentrate on work. When we try to be normal by looking at each other directly to talk, we find the two of us even more confused. She realized she often did silly things and tried to be quiet when she was with you, not sure what to do next. I'm no longer my sister, afraid in the long run we will generate worse things, afraid of being discovered by everyone for her. Turning around, I know you look from the back, when I averted your eyes and you still turned my gaze to me.

She was afraid one day would collapse with this heat stroke. Obviously we know each other well, you are getting married, I am married, the obvious fact, if time does not make me more stable, I will choose to run away. That would be a good thing.

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Scared his husband but still give him the opportunity to correct

For over a year, I have seen him feel a bit chilly, his family life is boring, he constantly goes on business and sometimes stays overnight.

Relationship between husband and wife also exists but not often, we rarely talk privately together. Those signs made me have doubts about his feelings even though the children, his housework were also concerned and worried. I silently monitored his schedule and checked his phone. As expected, from the beginning of the year until now, he often went to the island to do soil, met a woman on the island, they often met and dated at a hotel on the island, sometimes this woman also came to the mainland. meet you. In addition, I also found him playing with a group of friends, often drinking and singing karaoke hug together, they took pictures and sent to group chat. Even a few of the group went to the motel with the prostitutes and took photos to send to the group. I was really scared.

About us: You and I got married 9 years, he is 37 years old and I am 36, has two sons and daughters. We all have stable jobs and income to care for life together. Currently, the family lives in a private house owned by his parents, and his grandparents also promise to give him this house. I also have a number of properties, which are land given by my biological parents. Family life looking at everyone sees us so happy and full.

When I learned of my husband's betrayal, I asked for a divorce, my husband begged me and begged me to give him a chance to fix it. The two families met and counseled and testified to his apology. Because of family pressure, when I thought about my children again, I agreed to give him 6 months to correct my mistakes. Recently, I found him drinking and hugging karaoke. I was very angry, said he violated the promise, he apologized and promised never to relapse. I was very confused, did not know what to do. Loving the two young children, I could not help but make them suffer. As for my husband, I was terrified of him, my feelings could no longer be the same as before. Hope readers can give me wise advice, thank you very much.

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Husband hid a friend about me

Husband hid a friend about me
I read a message from my husband to a roommate to let me know I wasn't there anymore. He did not tell his friend that he was married and moved in with me, again taking the excuse of going on business trips far away, moving to another place for convenience.

This roommate went to college with my husband, playing with my husband's ex-boyfriend. My husband and my ex love each other for 5 years with lots of memories, after which she left him to get to know new people. Reading those messages, I felt very sad and thought, maybe my husband doesn't want his roommate to know about marriage, because if he knows he might tell his ex-boyfriend . I was very sad and bewildered, thinking that my husband still loves his ex.

A little introduction: I am 27 years old, my husband is 28 years old, worked in the same company, used to be 2 years old and had only been married for 3 months, now I am 5 months pregnant. After thinking about it, I texted my husband why I hid my friends and didn't tell them I was married. My husband raged, thinking that it was his problem, not related to me, he wanted to tell anyone. He also scolded me for violating my privacy, digging up the old things, and told me to think whatever I thought, say what I say, do whatever I do. Normally, my husband cares for me and takes care of me, until I quarreled into a completely different person. I was so painful to hear such words from my husband, he ignored me, didn't ask for care as usual, despite my tired and aching pregnancy he didn't even care. I want to talk to solve, only get his harsh and beautiful.

I took the initiative to make up and apologized, but my husband still ignored it and did not want to talk. The mood was so disturbing that I couldn't concentrate on my work. Is it wrong for me to act like this, does my husband still love me? Give me advice, I can't stand it like this. Sincere thanks.

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Whether women give birth with pain

If the husband and wife go beyond labor, the woman will defy the uterine contractions. Men, except for special reasons, pair with your wife to feel the sacred moment when your child is born.

Once, my wife and I went to the countryside to play. Seeing that my wife was pregnant, feeling worried about the approaching childbirth, the aunt said, "Keep worrying, women will have pain, in the old days each time she gave birth, she would hold on to some rags. went out into the garden and cut some banana leaves, lined them, laid them down before hugging their children into the house. When I heard her say that, I remembered the old saying: "Men go to the beach sometimes. Women run out of orphans alone". That time was far away, nowadays it was different, the women who passed away would not be orphaned alone but would be paired with their husbands. No husband will ever leave his wife alone, except for special reasons. Every man feels disadvantaged if not paired with his wife to give birth. I think so.

Right on the due date, my wife and I took each other to the hospital for an appointment with the doctor. The chief obstetrician said: "Labor already, hospitalization always". However, the wife did not complain of pain or tiredness, so we kept going home slowly, took a shower, then went out to eat and drink, then collected our things to go to the hospital. The maternity hall was bustling, there were few seats on the sides of the seats where pregnant women went to give birth. In the middle of the corridor, some couples hand in hand, walking around. The pregnant women grimaced, complaining of pain; family members worried impatiently, waiting for labor to go into the delivery room or waiting for the entrance to the operating room. Moments later, people kept asking each other, this side asked the other side, the other asked the other side "open some inches" ...

When my wife and I arrived, the whole corridor of the hospital looked bewildered, later I realized that they looked and laughed at us because we saw how many arms we had in our armpits, like nomadic migrants. Although I know what I need to do when preparing to give birth to my wife, but when I am pregnant, every time I go to the supermarket, I shop and I see everything I need, I think I have more than that, I have more than enough. . The doctor called in to examine again and said: "Open 4 inches already, close to giving birth", yet the wife did not complain of pain, her face was still cheerful, and then the couple took each other out to the hospital gate for dinner. When he came in, the doctor said: "Why is it already close to giving birth but still going so far, not afraid to give birth?". After that, my wife said that I wanted to go to the toilet, I took her several times and then went to bed, the couple was still small, I still told a funny story to her. After a while, the doctor came in and said, "Go to the delivery room, open 8 inches already". The wife has been in the delivery room for about 15 minutes, the doctor opened the door and said: "Daughter 3.5 kg. She has been working for 10 years but she has not seen anyone who has given birth without pain like my sister. very hardy ". When going back, some mothers are giving birth in turn to bed wife lay lucky to give birth.

There has been a scientific research claim confirming that the level of labor is the same as having 20 broken ribs at the same time. Therefore, after my wife was born, I asked many times: "Are you hurt like everyone but afraid you are worried, so try to say no pain." His wife said, "Actually, it is not as painful as I thought it would be. I just feel a little numb." From here, I think that the wife probably has less labor than other mothers because the couple has planned and rehearsed before the actions to fit together at the time when the wife started labor. Most importantly, the husband must remain calm to know, understand in that moment he needs to do what is most appropriate. Absolutely do not be restless, anxious, hangover, wandering around like puppets leading to his wife also worried.

When the wife is about to give birth, please help gently, comfort, encourage, smile. Be strong to take your wife to the toilet, because during labor, the fetus will squeeze into the bladder, making the woman feel like urinating more than ever. Do not be ashamed to let your wife go to the toilet alone, because in the meantime, standing, sitting, pulling clothes, pants need the help of others, especially from the husband.

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Many nights I cried non-stop because life was stuck

I am 30 years old, my daughter is almost 4 years old. Recently I naturally feel bored with everything. 3 years ago I treated depression because of shock when my husband committed adultery, but I am so obsessed.

In the past year, my life has stabilized but I still can not escape the feeling of worrying about everything. I live but always try to carry everything, next to no one to share, my parents are dead. For many nights I slept next to my daughter, whom I cried non-stop, and also tried to pass to take care of her.

Now I have a stable job, a living wage, and in the long term I cannot escape poverty and have no future for my children. I am self-accumulating some money, thinking that I will leave it to my child if he ever happens to have a problem. Sometimes I feel life is stuck and miserable. Recently I no longer earnestly interested in work and life, just want to go far away, even want to send my children back to my father (he has another wife) and he is not content. Could you please give me advice during this time of crisis?

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Married at age 18 and series of days to repay the debt to the husband's family

Because I was pregnant, I had to get married early. My husband went to work for 5 million months, had to give all his parents, my salary was less, to take care of my children, food, living expenses, and everything to worry about.

The husband's family talking money all the time makes me tired. Sometimes I have to borrow money from outside to give to my husband's family. My mother-in-law was in debt, telling her to help pay the debt. After returning to my husband's house for so many years, I have to pay back the debt. I want to have a normal life, many times want to divorce but think back to two children, the baby was 3 months old.

I am sad, crying tears because my husband does not understand, there is no voice in the family, what parents say he is afraid of that. That affected my psychology and life. I am tired, would like to ask your advice, thank you very much.

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Many victims trapped my ex-girlfriend

I was the author of the article: "After 3 weeks of being angry with me, my girlfriend changed the groom". Thank you for sharing, especially pointing out to me that I am a backup character, no more abused.

In fact, she is the type of beauty but not in the style of a playboy but always wears a feminine appearance, always knows how to please the opposite person, regardless of who she wants to be able to please anyone who can do anything. France to achieve the goal. Today's pragmatic love I understand, but she's too old to act and draw the prospect that I'm the only person she loves. All the other men are just polite people, so they talk, communicate, meet, receive respectful gifts and love them. She even got jealous in the process of falling in love with me, and some girlfriends commented that I started searching, so much so that I had to delete the old profile page to create a new website that she liked. I reject every opportunity of girls who like me because of my sincere, serious, nurturing love for the future with her.

3 weeks after being mad, she was getting married. All information about this husband is also extremely mysterious, he is also an unlisted love character, so much so that the wedding photo does not tag the husband's name on his personal page. Friends at the company know she has a lover but never know who her lover is. The anger is really very proper process, through knowing I learned right in the evening we were angry, that afternoon the future husband announced his dating photo with her. A scheming arrangement of her, because that night she constantly nagged me and made a challenge, pushed up the climax and got angry.

Actually, I am very fair. When you are out of love, incompatibility, sexual incompatibility or a problem that you cannot love and continue, you must speak out properly, or break up. A civilized breakup because at least there were moments together, eating, eating, sleeping, playing.

It is not so with her; face up, cheat and all kinds of tricks, deliberately make excuses and conclude that 3 weeks of anger at each other is because I do not love. Without loving, I'm worried about everything for the future? To the extent that she complained of facial acne there are several pimples I also went to buy skincare and Japanese pills. She told me that it was difficult to sleep, so I immediately ran to buy supplements for drinking, gave vaccinations because I was worried about pregnancy later. I also took her home to debut, introduce to friends. However, when mentioning about the house she introduced, the girlfriend seemed to be forced and then excused the reason to refuse, so that she took advantage of the opportunity to go across the house to return to her home. Really sincere love, the study, launch the family on both sides is wrong why she forced so?

Even if she acted defiant and frankly said that if she didn't love, it would be okay to marry someone else. The groom seemed to be deliberately inexperienced, when I texted her most protected her, seemingly told that I was an ex-boyfriend, now she's married so I'm bitter. Or even when I was dating me, she ate and slept with the groom, to find that 3 weeks of marriage was not so fast.

Through research, I also know that there is one more brother in Sing who is also dating, giving gifts, promising types. Another classmate also pursues, is connected by her and instills hope for future love. Do not know any more victims? We are just victims in an open-minded love game, under the guise of a tricky, arranged and deceptive director. Perhaps they were sad but not as painful as me, not as choked as I was, when I had used all my heart to love her, then she was deceived and used. There you say love is choice, pragmatic; I understand, but it's not the type to take advantage of them, choose to lie. Do not accept gifts, don't go out, eat or sleep and take advantage of them, do not sow them pink hope for the wedding.

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I will divorce if my husband takes my parents to live with me

My wife and I have been married for a year, living separately in Saigon, my income and your income are quite good, I earn 30 million / month and my husband is equivalent.

We live together happily and relatively in harmony. I always wanted to have a private life without living with my parents-in-law even though the grandparents were very gentle and easygoing. Now we live in rented houses, planning to buy our own house over the years. I am worried that when my parents own house, my parents will ask me to live with them even though they have their own house in Danang. I am really afraid of this, so afraid of obsession and stress. I have asked my husband what if my parents asked to stay with us. You said let your parents live together.

I stated my opinion that I do not want to live with my grandparents because I want to have a private life "far from rotten". The husband did not understand, said I was selfish, not good. I was so discouraged that I no longer wanted to buy a home, I just wanted to stay in the inn all the time so I wouldn't have to stay with my parents-in-law. I'd rather get a divorce, but I definitely won't live with my husband's parents. I realized that I was not my daughter-in-law, but I still reminded my husband to buy gifts for grandparents and grandparents. When my grandparents went to Saigon to see a doctor, I still went to see him. Money for my grandparents never regrets or complains because they know what their duty to do with their children. I just don't want to live with my grandparents. I'm sad because my husband doesn't understand but says his wife is selfish. If you choose to take your parents back later, I will definitely divorce, not stay together.

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Vietnamese girl 'roams' the Middle East to find Iraqi boyfriend

Hai Minh disguised himself in Iraq to find Husam with the only clue being a picture of him and the company name, after 5 months of losing contact.

4 pm every day, the phone of the 27-year-old Hai Minh rings like an alarm. The screen showed a man with blue eyes, Husam Najim Abdulwahed, 34. 15 minutes of conversation as fast as the blink of an eye. Before the shutdown, Husam, petroleum engineer at Awar Al Khaleej, sent his location to Minh. Today he is off the coast of Dhi Qar, Iraq, nearly 6,800 km from his girlfriend.

"After a misunderstanding a year ago, Husam always sent the navigation for my peace of mind," Hai Minh shared. The two have a deep love after more than 3 years of love. That misunderstanding she shared with VnExpress a year ago.

In July 2016, Hai Minh, assistant director at a 5-star hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, went on business to Egypt. Husam also came here for training and contract signing. Incidentally, two people share the same hotel room next to each other.

"I am doting, so I often forget about furniture, every time I go in and out it is a noisy talk. He was annoyed so he knocked on the door to remind," Minh said. Because of that, Minh gave a box of Vietnamese coffee to Husam instead of apologizing. But she argued, "it's a public area, it's a bit noisy. You don't need to be so fastidious." Husam laughed, saying she was "strange, suddenly apologizing and then criticizing other fastidious people".

The following day, they often meet in the hotel lobby and talk socially, then exchange Whatsapp application to chat more in English. Before the 5th day of Minh's departure, Husam invited her to walk around the city in a jeep. For half a day, they shared each other about their hometown, age and job. Husam also boasts of signing a successful contract. He bought Minh's parents a famous Egyptian scarf. She donated a stone, bought on a trip to Mexico last year.

While passing a mosque in Cairo, Husam led Minh in. After a while of doing the ceremony, he suddenly said a sentence in Arabic which later translated to her: "I hope I can be happy with her all my life under the witness of the Alla. And I have meet".

Minh was deeply touched by the feelings of this Muslim man for himself. When he offered her hand, she agreed. "I don't know why I agree so quickly, I just feel like I want to," she said.

The day Minh returned home, Husam put her stuff in the car and said, "We'll see you soon."

5 days was not enough to make Minh fall in love, but it made her believe and sympathize with Husam. Unlike the Arab boys she knew - sweet and romantic - Husam looked as stern as her work. "I feel he's strong enough to worry about me, because I am independent and strong," Minh said.

Love far, both chat regularly. Sometimes he taught her mother tongue, the one that Minh heard most was انا احبك (I love you). Every morning when he woke up, Husam always reminded Minh to call his parents because she was the only child. He also told of his mother and older siblings, who live 500 km from the capital Bahgdad. Watching any news about Vietnam TV, he immediately texted her to ask questions. They met twice more in Dubai and Malaysia in the following years.

Except for the trips to the rig, the remaining days Husam texted, called Minh on time. If he had to go to the rig, he would always tell her 4-5 days in advance, a year he never missed. There were times when he went out to sea and lost contact, making Minh worried, Husam always patiently apologized. He responded with a video, sending photos of what he was doing to make her feel secure.

The incident came in July 2018, when this time Husam received a health check, knowing that his exposure to toxic substances could affect the ability to give birth. He said he loved Minh but "has no intention of getting married and will live alone to old age". Although she encouraged and accepted to move to another country to live, as long as they were together, Husam insisted on impossible.

"I was confused, suspected he had a wife and children. I thought that if I kept quiet, Husam would beg for forgiveness, but a week passed and there was no response," she said.

At that time, her heart was as confused as silk, thinking that she loved the wrong person and was deceived. She said, "I know this burden is heavy, but I'm not alone, I'll carry it with you," but in return it is still silent. "I called the Iraqi network and knew his number was still working. I believe he was trying to not answer me," Minh said. Finally she blocked the contact, deleted whatsapp.

One week after blocking the number, Minh received a call from an unknown number, saying Husam was in an accident. Reason didn't let her believe anymore, so he continued blocking that number. She took an unpaid leave to volunteer in Kenya to ease the pain.

On October 17 of that year, she reopened whatsapp and thought, "once hearing Husam say that he no longer loves, he will give up." As soon as she logged in, she received a lot of Husam's messages, read 30 minutes without exhausting and even pictures of him in the hospital.

"You said you were poisoned, you had to use a breathing tube. I was confused, panicked, I could picture you running out of bed in a hospital bed. I texted, called back frantically, but he seemed to evaporate from this world." she recalled.

Hai Minh dug up everything to find Husam. She locates the ship he works on, finds the 70 ports the ship goes through, calls each place but nowhere has the name of the man she has fallen in love with for the past two years.

On October 26, 2018, she flew to Egypt, returning to the hotel where the two first met to ask for information but they could not provide it. She posted on the site to find people in Iraq, searching from Husam's name and photos with friends and family, it did not work ...

"The only thing I have is a picture of you at work. I plan to fly to Iraq to find you by the company name and location in this picture. Everyone says I'm crazy, but I'm scared of losing you." , afraid she will regret it all her life, "she confided.

In early December of that year, she covered herself with a heavy make-up of Muslims into Iraq. The location of the ship in the picture of Husam sent at Umm Qasr Naval Base, 7 hours by bus from Baghdad. I arrived but Minh could not come in because it was a military area. She struggled to find the whole morning, all information in Arabic, no English. Thinking about the distance she had traveled, in exchange for no news about her boyfriend, she cried her eyes in the hot sun.

Then an Australian-born photographer specializing in taking the boats helped Minh inside. Here she met everyone who asked about the ship Husam worked on, as well as showed his photos. Some say Husam has been an engineer for five years and his ship is on a rig, not knowing when to return.

In the following days, Minh un la la harbor area, inquiring of the return of the sea. Exposing the sun to hot, dry weather during the day, cold at night, made her sick. To the 7th, the fever, she remained in the harbor from morning till late afternoon.

On the night of December 15, Minh fell asleep when a journalist suddenly found someone. She didn't think it was Husam until he was in the flesh before him.

"My body was red from fever and tired. My limbs were shaking, no one beat me and I just cried like rain. The two of them hugged each other and hiccup as if the homeowner and the photographer were not there", the girl said.

All misunderstandings the next day were resolved. Husam showed Minh the papers suffering from respiratory failure due to oil poisoning, which took 2 weeks in the hospital. At that time he was at sea, there was no phone signal, that's why she could not call. Later angry with her so he deleted the account.

Minh also asked "why lie his name" when Husam gave him his passport. At this point, she just broke, the Arabic pronunciation is similar but rewritten differently. "I have never lied to you. I love you. That will never change in this lifetime," said the pious man, blushing.

After the "landslide" misunderstanding, Minh and Husam's love seems inseparable. Last June, Hunsam and his brother and sister came home to launch their parents, asking for marriage. He complies with her decision to perform the ceremony according to Vietnamese tradition.

On returning home, Husam held Minh's parents by the hands and cried, telling them about his fatherless orphanage, so he always wanted to have enough parents. So he planned after the wedding and stable work in Singapore, will welcome the parents of both to ease care. Minh and Husam's gala dinner party was at a restaurant in District 3, HCMC early next year.

* The girl's name has changed.

Phan Duong
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Love girlfriend but still fall in love with her husband

I am 29 years old, have a stable job, have a girlfriend and are determined to get married. My life is quite safe, rarely adventurous. My girlfriend is 4 years younger than me, young and pretty.

She is also good, only the way of life is angry, quite aggressive, not sympathetic. I have a soft temper and often give up, sometimes she doesn't know it. Previously I still thought that I would try to adapt, if there is any conflict, then I am a man, so I just gave up for a bit.

Everything has turned upside down since meeting you. She is 5 years older than me. At first I didn't notice because she was older than me and married, and because of the more exposed work, I got closer. I really love you, successful husband. She is delicate, understanding story, also quite young for her age. Looking at the way she lived, the way she treated her, the way she took care of the children ... became more and more loved by me. She is the type of woman I always liked and just wanted to have a wife like that. My sister and I confided in many things, very well and understood each other. She often told about her husband, never saying any words of criticism or confiding in any secret story but behind that I felt she was sad and lonely. I see you lack of husband care.

Gradually, I missed her and cared more for her since she was bad. She always kept her distance but I also felt that she had feelings for her, just couldn't say it. Sometimes attached to each other but tried to avoid. I'm not brave enough to tamper with the lives of both. Although she probably didn't choose me, I couldn't give her a life as good as she is. I still love my girlfriend but thinking of her, I feel like I'm in love with two people at the same time. I know it is wrong but I cannot stop this feeling. I want to share any kind of stoning. If anyone has similar experience please give me advice. What should I do with my girlfriend, should I tell her once or try to refrain from forgetting this?

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